The Journey So Far...

This is the beginning of a long road to environmental responsibility, physical and emotional wellbeing and frugal, financially sustainable living.

The journey began for a number of reasons, and every step along this road we as a family takes, more reasons for why we SHOULD be making these changes become apparent.

So what are these changes? To date, we have committed to the following actions:

  1. Switch to cloth nappies and wipes
  2. Making our own food products... reducing what we purchase from supermarkets
  3. Buying, cooking and eating foods in their least processed/most natural state. 
  4. Repairing and reusing things, rather than replacing and disposing.
  5. Joining freecycle.
  6. Collecting wastewater from our shower and sinks.
  7. Buying chickens and ducks - great composters, egg producers and eaters of all food waste.
  8. Composting.
  9. Purchasing a water saving device for the shower.
  10. Reducing our water and energy usage.
  11. Using reusable lunch wraps and containers to avoid use of plastic wrap.
  12. Making use of 100% of our food waste.
  13. Significantly reducing our landfill waste.
  14. Recycling wherever possible.
  15. Switching to organic foods where possible.
  16. Buying locally made food and products where possible.
  17. Switching to non-toxic, organic cleaning products.
  18. Using soapnuts instead of laundry detergent.
  19. Obtaining a worm farm.
  20. Planting a vegetable and herb garden.
  21. Growing fruit trees.
  22. Reducing beef intake in our diet.
  23. Removing plastics from the girls' playroom - using, instead, natural materials.
  24. Eating seasonal and local foods wherever possible - or going without.
  25. Buying only second hand non-consumable products.
  26. Decluttering and simplifying our physical space.
These changes have been relatively easy, and haven't impacted us negatively in any way. On the contrary, we are gaining much from returning to 'traditional' methods of keeping house, and the girls are being provided with a rich education on a variety of different life skills.

However, I know that as time goes on, we may feel compelled to make sacrifices that bring us further outside our comfort zone and challenge us in ways that we have not been yet.

This blog is intended as a record to the small things that happen on our journey, and the ways in which we, and our world, are impacted by such a journey.
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