Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

Today was Christmas Tree Decorating Day in our house, a day late, but I didn't pick our Christmas tree up from my friend who had been borrowing it until last night. This morning, the girls woke up to the undecorated tree up in the loungeroom, and their new advent bunting (flags) strung. The first two pockets had notes in them (for December 1st and 2nd) and the girls were thrilled to find out what it was all about.

So we decorated the tree together before Nath went to work this morning, and, as it is Miya and Eden's last day at day care tomorrow, the present we will make today will be for their wonderful day carer. Miya wants to make 'lollipops' but the closest I can get to that is toffee, so we will see.

I was glad to string up the bunting last night. I feel it is important to note here that I am not a 'sewer' so these flags are not something I just 'whipped up', but I guess that adds to a sense of achievement. At best, they could be described as 'rustic'. Observant people will notice that there are only 12 or 13 flags here... this gives me just shy of two weeks to finish the second string of bunting! It's the thought that counts at this time of the year!


  1. Nic the bunting looks fantastic well done

  2. it looks great!! one of a kind and that will eb something that the kids will both remember forever!! they will love it :) and probably both want to take it with them when they leave home.....(may have to whip up another later in life)

  3. I love this bunting!.. Sewing is something that I am wanting to learn, I am definitely NO sewer! I have a fairly old machine and am just waiting for the right time to learn.

  4. Babymoon, Ash! What a great time to leisurely start a new hobby!


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