Thursday, February 10, 2011

3000 Pageviews And Another Giveaway

Healthy Earth, Healthy Me has reached 3000 pageviews and, as promised, it is now time for another giveaway.

So, if you would like to play, please comment below on this post, and you will be in the draw for a handmade bracelet similar to this one....

....made entirely from repurposed material, beads and buttons. I will the winner tomorrow (Friday) night at 8:00pm WST. (If you are a guy and it's really not your thing, I am sure there is a lady in your life who would very much appreciate being given some jewellery for no reason whatsoever. Trust me, I'm a lady, and I know these things.)

Thankyou for reading my humble little blog. I thoroughly enjoy writing it, and am glad that there are people who enjoy reading along.


  1. Hey Nic - beautiful thoughts and lovely writing keep it up!!

  2. Where can i get one..that's georgeous!


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