Friday, January 21, 2011

Breakfast From Scratch.

This was my breakfast this morning. Homemade muesli, yoghurt and caramelised apricot halves. I just love putting a meal together from foods that we have been able to make ourselves, without any harmful additives. For the record, it was delicious!


  1. Wow, I am so impressed with what you make. Did you make your own yoghurt too? And you really bottle your own liquors? I will not even tell you what I had for breakfast because it's embarrassing. For a period of time I ate all organic, no sugar (except local honey), no processed foods. I'm sure my body loved me for it. Sadly, I've fallen off the wagon.

  2. Hi there! I LOVE your blog!! Been reading through it this morning :)
    Yes, we make our own yoghurt, we use Julie's recipe from Towards Sustainability. She's on my blogroll. We are trying to eat all unprocessed - I'm far better at making sure my kids eat well than I am at following the same rules myself, though. That's why a healthy brekkie is actually blogworthy in my world!!
    The liqueurs are a new trick, I'll let you know in three-to-six months how that one goes!! (Nath got a still for Chistmas -mmmm, booze on demand.....)


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