Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Two Things That Make My Heart Sing.

 I cleared my iphone of all my photos today (yes, the digital SLR is still a dream....) and found some nice ones of the girls. Given that being a stay at home mum is what I'm about these days I thought I would share some of them with you. This post is all about my two little angels, my gypsy child and my wild child, 
Miya Bethlehem and Eden Susannah.

Miya and Eden dancing at our "Tiny Tunes" music group

Classic Miya photo is her full "Fairy Princess Ballerina" get-up. Did someone say 'girls'??

Miya refuses to wear shorts. On the one day she was told to, we had to skype her grandad in Taiwan (who is, apparently, the authority on all things ballerina) to ask if she would still be a ballerina if she was made to wear shorts. Grandad, after recovering from a sudden coughing fit, assured her she would be.

Miya and Eden making Christmas crafts at their friends' house.

Cheeky monkey Eden

My girls helping me with the washing up. They love this job, even if Eden sometimes forgets that the teatowel is more effective when it is dry.
I love my girls.


  1. hi there just to let you no i have awarded you the "versatile blogger award" please check out my page for the details =)

  2. I remember when Miya was 3 months old and we took her to Southbound. We were watching Lior and he sang Gypsy Girl and you bought the cd. From that moment on, i have always thought of Moo as my gypsy neice and as she has grown up, she has grown into the nickname, with beautiful flowing hair, a preference for dresses and long skirts and at home outside in the nature. what a Blessing. xoxox


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