Monday, January 24, 2011

My Sewing Corner

I treated myself for Christmas with a new sewing machine - I had been borrowing one prior to this and wanted something more permanent. Pre-Christmas sales made the decision easy. I got this 'Brother' machine which should see me through from my current novice stage to when I am able to sew with much more flair!

As I am only just learning to sew, I knew I needed to have the sewing machine accessible at all times - if it was tucked away I might never be motivated to practice! I set it up in our kitchen along with some material shelves and boxes that I picked up in our local opshop for $10. 

In our house, we have very limited space. I needed to find a home for my material stash (which is growing weekly - have you ever searched for 'vintage fabric' in Ebay?). A friend of mine was selling a TV cabinet of theirs for $80 which fits nicely into our loungeroom...

...and the best thing is, when I'm not sewing, I can hide it all away!

So that's my sewing space. It's small and cosy, but it works for me.

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