Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Perils Of Preserving.

Nath bottled some tomato sauce tonight. I've been laid up with a sore back and was worrying about the five kilos of tomatoes in the fridge that I had intended to preserve as a sauce. He hadn't done it before, and he did a really good job - it smells divine. I talked him through the process, right from the cooking through to the sterilising and bottling, but neglected to tell him to leave the heat on under the pan while he bottled the sauce. By not doing this, the sauce cools down until the last bottle to be filled is with sauce that is almost at room temperature. When it hits the jar that has just come from the oven, the discrepancy in temperature causes the jar to shatter. Which it did. All over our kitchen. I daresay we won't make that mistake again.

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