Monday, November 15, 2010

Shopping Day

Market Day!
My favourite day of the fortnight these days... I love coming home and filling the fridge with fresh, local produce, and I am lucky to live near a fruit and veg shop that has a great range of organic, WA fruit, veg and dairy.

Material Girl
I dropped in at an op shop today to look for some material... my mothers' group is having a sewing evening (I know, how CWA!) this week to make 'softies' for our little ones. I don't have my own stash, and didn't want to buy new material, and was lucky enough to find a terrific range today at a fraction of the cost. I'm looking forward to dusting my sewing machine off and learning some new skills.

Some creative play...
Miya and Eden were so proud to show me the beautiful peg 'flower' they worked together on. They remind me in so many ways what is important in life, where I should be looking for joy and beauty, and what my greater purpose is. The learning we can do as a family before Miya goes off to three-year-old kindy next year will hold her in good stead for the rest of her life. I need to stay focused on fostering these precious souls' sense of wonder, and providing them with some treasured memories of their early years.

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