Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1000 Page Views! Time For A Giveaway...

Thank you to everyone who has been visiting my little blog. To mark the occasion of 1000 page views, I would like to offer a fabulous prize to my readers.

I will be giving away a set of Onya Weigh Reusable Fruit and Veg Bags from Divine Harvest to one lucky reader. All you have to do is comment on this post, and I will random.org the winner tomorrow night (Wednesday the 1st of December) and let you know. If you don't know me personally, please keep checking back to the comment thread to see if you have won.

Onya Weigh Reusable Fruit and Veg Bags are made from tulle, are see through and strong and reduce the amount of plastics you bring home from your grocery shop. There are five in the set and they can be used to rinse your fruit and veg in before you store it. They are lightweight, so they do not add any weight to your fruit and veg on the scales.

Thanks to Divine Harvest, a fantastic business operating out of the Wheatbelt in Western Australia, for making a range of sustainable products available to us country folk! Divine Harvest have a great online shop... check them out using the link above.

Happy reading!


  1. If you are commenting as an anonymous, make sure you leave your name as part of your comment... if that makes sense :)

  2. Congrats on 1000 views Nic! It's a great read :-) you are a very inspiring woman and I'm so glad to have met you!!
    Love Amy :-)

  3. Well done Nicole, i still reckon you ought to write a book :) love your blog :)

  4. Cool blog-love the reusable fruit and vege bags :-)

  5. Hi Nic,
    I'm loving the blog. Have been on my phone recently as our home internet has been down, hence the lack of comments!! So hopefully the random number generator likes me coz i'd really love a set of those bags! :)


  6. Well done Nic..I really enjoy your blog. You are really ' walking the walk' with your aspirations and determination. Congratulations .. we should all try a bit harder to follow your lead. Jenny.

  7. Wow, this is a great blog! sorry its taken me so long to have a look at it! i think i'll make sometime to really have a good read through it!

  8. hey Nicole,
    your blog looks amazing.Keep it up :)
    I feel somehow inspired to start one myself!


  9. Congrats Jenny, you are the random.org winner of the Onya Weigh Fruit and Veg bags... FB me your addy and I'll send them off to you!!

  10. congratulations. can i enter the giveaway too? if so- yay! i have some onya bags and LOVE them. could always use some to gift for Christmas! xo m.

  11. Hi Meagan, funny, as you wrote that, I was just reading your blog!! TV free.... much to ponder there (I am an addict!)
    Sorry, though, the comp is closed :( I'll keep you posted on future giveaways!


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